Vandy Vape BSKR Mini V2 Review

vandy vape bskr mini v2

VSBKr Mini V2 is an MTL RTA (Rebuildable Tank Atomizer) device by Vandy Vape. It is the successor of the VSBKr Mini, which is known as one of the best MTL RTAs available today. This device is compact and lightweight, with a large tank capacity, and a unique airflow system. It is also compatible with a variety of build styles, including the popular MTL style.

Rebuildable tank atomizer

Whether you’re looking for a single or dual coil build, the Vandy Vape BSKR Mini V2 MTL RTA has the oomph factor to match. Powered by a 0.74ohm MTL Clapton coil, the V2 MTL RTA can easily be converted to a 2.5mL tank, with an easily adjustable airflow system to boot. The design is childproof and leakproof, and features a simple filling system and a 2ml e-juice capacity.

While the Vandy Vape BSKR Mini v2 MTL RTA is a new entrant in the MTL arena, it has already racked up a loyal following among the vaping fraternity. It features a two post build deck with an adjustable airflow control ring. The oh-so-tiny two-terminal construction is accompanied by a leakproof cover, three drip tips, and a two-color glass body. The MTL atomizer is also available in plastic PEI, and can hold up to 2.5 ml of e-juice. It’s also one of the cheapest MTL tanks on the market, and can be had for less than $200.

The BSKR Mini V2 MTL RTA comes in a range of sizes, including the 2.5 ml version, the smallest of the lot. It also comes with the aforementioned two-color glass body, and a plastic PEI body. The V2 MTL RTA also has a dual slotted airflow control ring, and two post clamps for single coil builds. The deck also has a clever little trick. Its patented design uses flathead screws to create the most efficient airflow possible.

The aforementioned dual-hole airflow system is located beneath the coil on the construction deck. While there isn’t a lot of scientific research to back up the claim that the V2 MTL MTL MTL RTA is the most effective tank in the universe, the fact that it’s a dual-hole system is impressive. Aside from the obvious fact that it’s more efficient, the resulting vapor clouds are a lot sweeter and much tastier than you’d get with an unmodified atomizer. The best part is, you can easily swap out the glass body with the plastic PEI version if you get the hankering.

Airflow system

Having an airflow system on your vape device is an important part of vaping. Not only will it allow you to fill your tank up quickly, but it will also allow you to get a better vaping experience. There are a few different types of airflow systems, including dual and single hole systems. While a single hole system is probably the most obvious, dual hole systems allow for more open airflow, which may be better suited for sub-ohm vaping.

There are several different types of airflow systems that are available, but they all have something to offer. Some airflow systems are actually better than others. For example, the aforementioned MTL atomizers are known for their better airflow systems. They have a rotatable control ring that can be adjusted to provide more airflow or less. They also have a self-sealing port to prevent leakage. This is definitely a feature you should consider when purchasing your next vape device.

One of the most interesting features of the Berserker V2 is its airflow system. The V2’s ring is a seven-holed design, which will allow you to enjoy a better experience. It is also a great way to fine-tune the amount of airflow you want. It is best to hold the device by the tube section as you make your adjustments.

Aside from the obvious airflow system, the Berserker Mini V2 also has several other features that may be useful to you. For example, the two-post build deck makes it easy to switch between sub-ohm and MTL vaping with minimal fuss. The deck also has clamps that make single-coil set-ups easy to do.

The BSKR mini V2 is a worthy addition to the BSKR line. While it may not be the best tank around, it is a great value for the MTL vaper. It is also the most versatile tank in the Berserker line. With an airflow system that allows you to achieve the most important vape functions, a small price tag, and a large number of extras, this is a great option for the money.

Berserker Mini V2 MTL RTA review

Whether you are looking for a daily driver or you’re a fan of MTL vaping, the Berserker Mini V2 MTL RTA is a great choice. It offers a wide mouth-to-lung vaping experience and a convenient single-coil build deck. You can even adjust the airflow to fit your needs.

The Berserker Mini V2 MTL is a 22mm diameter RTA that can be converted into a 2.5mL tank. It features a single coil build deck with 8 airflow inserts and a dual slotted airflow control ring. You can adjust the airflow to suit your needs by using the replaceable airflow insert. This RTA also features a threaded top-fill design. There is a self-sealing port and a 510 drip tip.

The Berserker Mini V2 RTA is made of stainless steel, glass materials and gold. It features a large building deck and 8 airflow tubes. Its design makes it easy to build. Its two post build deck makes it simple to build single coils. You can top-fill or use the filling ring to open the fill hole.

Vandy Vape has updated the BSKR line of RTAs and introduced the Berserker Mini V2 MTL. The Mini V2 features the same two-clamp post design as the Berserker V3, but the deck has a slightly reduced diameter. It has 4 tank sections, 3 MTL drip tips, a top-fill system, and an airflow pipe that doubles as a 510 pin. It also features a two-post build deck, four airflow inserts, and a 24mm base diameter. Its price is a great value for an MTL RTA.

Vandy Vape also offers the Berserker Mini V2 MTL Replacement Glass. This replacement glass tube is available in a glass tube or a PEI tube. You can use it to replace a broken glass tube or to add extra back-up strength to your atomizer.

Vandy Vape has also created a smaller version of the Berserker Mini V2 MTL. This version comes in a frosted grey or matte black finish. It’s a compact device that fits perfectly on smaller box mods. Its 2.5mL capacity provides enough room for larger builds and coils.


Considering the name, the Berserker Mini V2 MTL RTA is a variant of the original BSKR RTA. It is manufactured by Vandy Vape, which is known for its quality and design.

The Berserker Mini V2 MTL features a small two-post build deck and a self-sealing port. It also has a single coil configuration. The tank contains 2.5mL of juice and is designed for MTL vaping.

The Berserker Mini V2 comes in VandyVape’s standard colors, including red, black, blue and purple. The kit also comes with three drip tips. The drip tip is made of metal, and it is tall and narrow. It is possible to replace it with an amber ULTEM tip. The drip tip is a tight O-ring design, and it makes it easier to swap it once you juice it up.

The build deck of the BSKR V1.5 Mini is similar to the original BSKR’s, and it is designed to be used with low wattages. This is a good thing, because it should help you achieve a tight draw and better flavor. However, the airflow slots are too tight, so the air may not get through your coils well. You can also get a burnt taste, which can be caused by old coils, or by the wrong coils.

The Berserker Mini V2 Mini MTL RTA is a well-made device, and it is a worthy addition to Vandy Vape’s lineup. The price is reasonable, too, so it’s a good choice for MTL vapers. The design is solid, and the extras it comes with make it a worthwhile addition.

The Berserker Mini V2 is also a great value, considering the extras it comes with. This is a great choice for MTL vapers, and the extras it comes with are worth the price. However, it is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. If you are interested in purchasing the Berserker Mini V2 Mini MTL, you can find it at Sourcemore. They carry most of the hot selling brands. You can also check out Healthcabin, which allows you to search for the best prices.

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